The Juno Collective

The pomegranate is a luxurious fruit, regarded by Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of prosperity and ambition. The delicate seeds inside are hidden beneath a tough exterior (as they often are in humans).


Extracting them can be a difficult and messy task, but is well worth the effort.

The coaching process seeks to support you in gently opening up to your own possibilities without cutting into or damaging your own beautiful seeds.




I provide the safe space and guidance you need to express yourself. Completely confidential, never judgemental, my approach is designed to help you integrate your mind, body and heart into one high-performing entity, and provide you with tools to help you achieve the results you want in your everyday life.

Helga Nefdt

Advisory -  Employment law  - HR Consulting - Coaching


Liezel Bam

I started the coaching journey as a complete sceptic. Sceptical of what I would really gain from the process. What I found was a warm, welcoming and safe environment where the only real goal was my own personal growth. I learnt how to acknowledge my own strengths, gifted to me by my own life experiences. I learnt how to find the quiet within myself in order to harness those strengths and to best apply them in various circumstances. I also learnt that vulnerability does not equal weakness, something which I had struggled with for years. I apply the practices I have learnt frequently and they have helped me face many challenges and to come through them having learnt, grown but most importantly whole.


Mom, Planning Specialist, MBA graduate